Nurse clinics


Nursing clinics are run throughout the week (Monday to Friday) on an appointment basis between the hours of 10.30am – 12pm and 2.45pm – 3.45pm.

Our nurses are here to help and advise you on your pet’s general healthcare and wellbeing.

These clinics are free of charge.

Dental care clinic

Our practice offers a free nurse clinic to look at your pet’s teeth and gums, give advice on how to keep your pet’s teeth in tip top condition, lessening the need for dental operations to clean or remove damaged teeth.

Advice will include how to brush teeth, which products to use and which diet is best for your pet’s teeth and life stage.

If you are unsure about the health of your pet’s mouth, this clinic is for you.

Weight management clinics

Our practice offers a free nurse clinic to help and advise you on your pet’s weight management program, including nutritional and exercise advice, regular weigh-ins and measurements and advice to help ensure your pet maintains its new healthy weight and avoids regaining it.

If you are unsure about your pet’s diet or waistline, this clinic is for you!

Adolescent checks clinic

When your dog/cat reaches the age of six months, you will be asked to bring them in for an adolescent check with the nurse. This check is free of charge and is available so we can check the growth of your pet and its general wellbeing.

Topics that are generally covered at the check are:

  • General health.
  • Teeth.
  • Feeding.
  • Exercise.
  • Training.
  • Flea and worm control.
  • Neutering.
  • Insurance.
  • Healthy Pet Club.

Senior pet checks clinic

As time goes on your pet will age the same as humans do, this will naturally lead to increased health risks/problems. One year in your pets life is roughly about seven years in ours, therefore as your pet reaches its senior years it is advisable that they have a regular health/senior check.

Senior pet clinics are an ideal opportunity for us to discuss the changes your dog/cat may be going through as the ageing process begins.

Dogs are classed as senior depending on the size. For small dogs, it can be from eight years upwards and the larger breeds from five years. For cats it will be from 11 years.

Dogs/cats are at risk of developing kidney/liver disease, arthritis, dental disease and tumours to name but a few.

The sooner we detect these problems the more we can do for your pet.

Post-operative care clinic

Following most procedures involving a general anaesthetic or sedation, it is advisable that your animal attends a post-operative nurse clinic. This usually occurs two to seven days after the procedure and involves:

  • Checking surgical wounds if present to ensure they are healing correctly without any signs of complications, ie infection, abnormal swellings or discharges.
  • Checking teeth and gums following dental work, especially if extractions have occurred.
  • Basic health check to see if your pet has recovered sufficiently from the anaesthetic/sedation/surgery.
  • Advice on aftercare measures such as preventative dental care following a descale and polish.

Post-op checks are included in the cost of all operations.

Rabbit clinics

Rabbits are increasingly becoming a popular household pet. They are a long-term commitment as they can live for up to 10 years and need a lifetime of care and attention.

Our nurses can advise you on the following subjects:

If you would like further advice on any of the topics listed above, please contact the clinic.